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Push-ups Exercises for Chest and Triceps

Welcome to the latest instalment of our "Weekend Workout Sorted" series! In this episode, we dive into push-ups, focusing on variations targeting the chest and triceps. 

What's in this "Weekend Workout Sorted: Episode 5



Welcome to Episode 5 of "Weekend Workout Sorted," where we dive into the transformative power of push-ups! 

This session is all about strengthening your chest and triceps, turning the humble push-up into your go-to exercise for building upper body muscle.


Let's explore the variations and techniques that make push-ups a game-changer for your fitness routine. 

Overview of the Push-up Exercises for Chest and Triceps

In this episode, we'll focus on push-ups, an essential exercise that targets the chest and triceps, crucial for building upper body strength and definition. 

We'll cover various push-up variations to challenge your muscles in different ways, ensuring a comprehensive workout. 

Expect to learn about the correct form, reps, and sets and how each type specifically enhances your muscular endurance and power.

Equipment Needed: No equipment

Time Required: 25-35 min. (without warm-up)

Level: Intermediate to advance with the recommended sets and reps. Beginners would need to reduce the number of sets and reps. 

Before You Start and how to perform this weekend exercises:

The difference between push-ups for the chest and push-ups for the triceps lies in the hand placement and the execution of the exercise, which shifts the primary muscles being worked:

- Push-ups for Chest

Hand Placement: Hands are placed slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.

Execution: Lower the body until the chest nearly touches the ground, keeping the elbows at a 45-degree angle from the body. This wider stance emphasises the pectoral (chest) muscles.

Focus: The broader hand position allows for greater chest engagement and stretch, making the pectoral muscles work harder to push the body up.

- Push-ups for Triceps:

Hand Placement: Hands are placed closer together, often under the shoulder line or even closer, forming a diamond shape with the fingers (diamond push-ups).

Execution: The body is lowered in a straight line, keeping the elbows close to the sides. This position emphasises the triceps.

Focus: With the arms close to the body and elbows tracking straight back, the triceps are the primary drivers in pushing the body up, leading to increased activation and strengthening of these muscles.

In summary, the main difference is in how the hands are positioned and how the body is moved during the exercise, which alters the primary muscle groups being targeted. 

Chest-focused push-ups engage the chest, shoulders, and triceps, emphasising the chest, while triceps-focused push-ups primarily engage the triceps, with less focus on the chest.

- Wall Push-ups

If we talk about technique, the same principles apply as described above. The only thing is that ​wall push-ups are an excellent introductory exercise for beginners and for those with limited upper body strength, as they help build foundational muscle and joint strength with less intensity than floor push-ups.

Additionally, wall push-ups are a great warm-up exercise before we start the proper push-up plan, and that's why I included those push-ups in today's workout. 

Detailed Workout Plan

Our goal is to maximise the impact on these key areas, pushing them to their limits for optimal strength and growth.

We start slow, it is to provide more blood flow through our chest and triceps muscles.

1. Wall Push-ups for chest - hands placed wider, elbows 45-degree

Sets: 2 (active rest between sets: 45-60 sec.)

Reps: 10-12

2. Wall Push-ups for triceps - hands placed closer together, elbows close to sides

Sets: 2 (active rest between sets: 45-60 sec.)

Reps: 10-12

(rest between exercises 2 and 3: 1.5-2 minutes.)

3. Floor Push-Ups for chest - hands placed wider, elbows 45-degree

(Alternatively, if you are a beginner or upper body strength is limited, use the knee push-ups technique. )

Sets: 6 (rest between sets: 45-60 sec.)

Reps: 10-12

(rest between exercises 3 and 4: 1.5-2 minutes.)

4. Floor Push-Ups for triceps - hands placed closer together, elbows close to sides

Alternatively, if you are a beginner or upper body strength is limited, use the knee push-ups technique. 

Sets: 6 (active rest between sets: 45-60 sec.)

Reps: 10-12

5. Combined Push-ups Set for chest

(I recommend to watch my YouTube video)

This is how it works:

As one set, do two reps of the chest push-ups, then move back to the rest position, give yourself 5 to 10 seconds rest and repeat

Sets: 10

Reps: 2 

6. Combined Push-ups Set for pumping up for triceps

(I recommend to watch my YouTube video below)

This is how it works:

As one set, do two reps of the triceps push-ups, then move back to the rest position, give yourself 5 to 10 seconds rest and repeat

Sets: 10

Reps: 2 

Supporting Resources

To better understand and enhance your workout experience, watch a short demonstration video for today's exercises.

Please note that this is my new unpublished link on YouTube.

And yes, feel free to subscribe! (thank you!)

Why Is This Workout Great?

This push-up workout is fantastic because it strategically builds upper body strength in both the chest and triceps.

Starting with wall push-ups allows for a gradual increase in intensity, promoting muscle endurance and joint health.

By focusing on form and mind-muscle connection, this routine ensures a solid foundation, making it effective for both beginners and those looking to refine their technique while reducing the risk of injury.

Key Tips For Maximising Your Workout

  • Start with Proper Alignment: Ensure your hands are positioned correctly on the wall, aligning with your shoulders to maximise engagement and prevent strain.

  • Engage Your Core: Actively tighten your abdominal muscles during each rep to support your spine and improve overall exercise effectiveness.

  • Always Warm-Up: Jumpstart your session with a 5-10 minute warm-up to prevent injuries and boost performance. Light cardio and dynamic stretches get your heart pumping and muscles ready for the workout ahead, ensuring a safer and more effective session. Watch my YouTube Warm-Up video HERE.

  • Maintain Consistent Form: Keep your movements controlled to effectively target the right muscle groups. Good form is key to maximising benefits and preventing injuries.

  • Proper Breathing: Remember to breathe in during the relaxation phase and out during the exertion phase to support your movements.

Feedback and Future Episodes

We hope you find today's full-body resistance band workout both challenging and rewarding.

Your feedback is incredibly valuable to us at Workout51, as it helps us tailor our future workouts to better meet your needs and preferences.

How difficult was today's workout?

  • Too easy

  • Just right

  • Too challenging

Closing Remarks

In wrapping up, wall push-ups serve as an excellent starting point in our push-up-focused workout, effectively enhancing chest and tricep strength in a more accessible manner.

By adhering to these key tips and consistently practising, you'll lay a solid foundation for more advanced exercises, paving the way for a stronger, more resilient upper body.

Remember, progress is a journey, and every rep counts towards building your strength and confidence. Keep pushing, and watch your fitness evolve!

Stay strong, stay young, and yes: the best is yet to come.




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