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Weekend Workout Sorted - Cardio Blast

Updated: Mar 2

Today: Cardio To Get Your Heart Up and Running - Energize Your Body, Strengthen Your Muscles (Episode 3)

Welcome back to our Weekend Workout series! This episode is all about boosting your heart rate and enhancing cardiovascular health with a dynamic cardio-focused session.

What is the workout plan for this weekend:

  • Why This Workout?

  • Workout Overview

  • Detailed Workout Plan

  • How to Perform Each Exercise

  • Supporting Resources

  • Why This Workout is Great

  • Key Tips for Maximising Your Workout

  • Feedback and Future Episodes

  • Closing Thoughts

Why This Workout?

From my journey, I've realised cardiovascular health's immense impact on overall fitness and well-being.

This routine, featuring jumping rope, kettlebell swings, and medicine ball, draws from extensive experience.

The exercises below were chosen for their effectiveness in boosting heart health, stamina, and functional strength.

Let's not forget about burning calories and facilitating fat loss, making this workout a cornerstone for anyone aiming to elevate their fitness and health.

Workout Overview

Equipment Needed: Resistance Bands, Kettlebell

Time Required: 20-30 min. (without warm-up)

Level: Beginner with some experience to Advanced

Detailed Weekend Workout Plan

  • Jumping Rope - A fantastic way to improve coordination, agility, and cardiovascular endurance. Sets/Reps: 10 sets, 1 minutes per set, 30sec. rest time

  • Kettlebell Swings - Engages the entire body, focusing on the hips, glutes, hamstrings, and core for a powerful movement. Sets/Reps: 6 sets, 12-15 reps

  • Squat Push Press with Medicine Ball - Combines a squat with a vertical press, targeting the lower body, core, and shoulders. Sets/Reps: 6 sets, 12-15 reps

How-to Perform Each Exercise

  • Jumping Rope  Objective: Improve cardiovascular health, coordination, and agility. Setup & Execution: Stand with feet hip-width apart, holding the rope handles with a firm grip. Initiate the movement by rotating your wrists to swing the rope overhead and under your feet. Maintain a steady rhythm with minimal jumping height, focusing on smooth, continuous rotations.

  • Kettlebell Swings  Objective: Strengthen the posterior chain, including glutes, hamstrings, and lower back, while enhancing core stability. Setup & Execution: Start with feet shoulder-width apart, holding a kettlebell with both hands in front of you. Hinge at your hips to swing the kettlebell back between your legs, then explosively extend your hips to swing the kettlebell to chest height, or slightly higher keeping your arms straight. Repeat the motion fluidly.

  • Squat Push Press with Medicine Ball  Objective: Engage the lower body, core, and shoulders in a compound movement for overall strength and power. Setup & Execution: Hold a medicine ball at chest level with feet shoulder-width apart. Lower into a squat, keeping your weight in your heels and chest up. Explosively stand up and press the medicine ball overhead. Return to the squat position and repeat the movement.

Supporting Resources

For a better understanding and to enhance your workout experience, you can watch a short demonstration video for today's exercises. Please note it is my new You Tube channel unpublished link.

And yes, feel free to subscribe! (thank you!)

Watch how to perform today's exercises on YouTube

Why This Workout Is Great

This cardio blast routine is a game-changer for ramping up your cardio game. By blending the dynamic movements of jumping rope, the power-driven kettlebell swings, and the multi-muscle engaging squat push presses with a medicine ball, it's designed to elevate your heart rate, enhance endurance, and sculpt your physique.

Each exercise complements the others, creating a well-rounded session that not only challenges you but also brings fun into the mix.

Key Tips For Maximising Your Workout

  • Always Warm-Up: Jumpstart your session with a 5-10 minute warm-up to prevent injuries and boost performance. Light cardio and dynamic stretches get your heart pumping and muscles ready for the workout ahead, ensuring a safer and more effective session. Watch my YouTube Warm-Up video HERE

  • Maintain Consistent Form: Keep your movements controlled to target the right muscle groups effectively. Good form is key to maximising benefits and preventing injuries.

  • Proper Breathing: Remember to breathe in during the relaxation phase and out during the exertion phase to support your movements.

  • Listen to Your Body: Pay attention to what your body is telling you. Adjust the intensity and take rests as needed. Pushing through pain is not beneficial.

  • Stay Hydrated: Drink water before, during, and after your workout.

  • Rest Time Between Sets: Aim for a 2 minutes rest between sets, for example: after Jumping Rope exercise take 2 minutes break before you start Kettlebell Swing exercise.

  • Choose the Right Kettlebell: Picking a kettlebell of the appropriate weight is crucial. It should be heavy enough to challenge you but not so heavy that it compromises your form. Beginners might start with a lighter kettlebell and gradually increase the weight as they gain strength and confidence.

  • Choose the Right Medicine Ball: Selecting a medicine ball with an appropriate weight is key to the effectiveness of your workout. It should offer enough resistance to make exercises like squat push presses challenging, yet still allow for control and proper form throughout the movement. Beginners should opt for a lighter ball, progressively moving to heavier options as strength and technique improve.

  • Control Your Heart Rate: Keeping an eye on your heart rate is crucial to ensure you're working within your optimal range for cardiovascular improvement without overexerting. It helps tailor the intensity to your fitness level, maximising benefits while minimising risks. Monitoring your heart rate ensures you're pushing yourself enough to see progress, but not so much that you risk injury or burnout." Don't skip this tip, read more about Heart Rate and use Heart Rate Calculator HERE

Feedback and Future Episodes

Your input is invaluable as we continue to develop workouts that meet your needs and challenges. Share your experience and suggestions for future episodes.

Share your thoughts HERE or please take a moment to respond to the poll below

How often do you incorporate cardio workouts into your fitness routine?

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  • 0%2-3 Times a Week

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  • 0%Never

Closing Remarks

Wrapping up this Weekend Workout Sorted - Cardio Blast episode, remember that each leap with the rope, swing of the kettlebell, and press of the medicine ball is a step towards a stronger, more resilient you.

These exercises aren't just about physical gains; they're milestones in a journey of discipline, perseverance, and growth.

Keep pushing, stay consistent, and let each session be a reminder of your commitment to not just meet, but exceed your fitness goals.

Stay strong, stay young, and remember: the best is yet to come.



P.S. Next Saturday, we'll explore another set of movements to keep your routine fresh and engaging -we're just getting started, and there’s plenty more to come!



The links below are affiliate links to the equipment I'm using in today's workout plan, meaning we'll receive a small commission if you buy something.


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